Collection: Best Stick Jaws of Dehradun

Stick Jaws: The Perfect Crunchy Snack for Flavourful Moments

Stick Jaws, the delightful snack sensation, brings together the best of crunchiness and flavor in every bite. These slender, stick-shaped snacks have captured the hearts of snack enthusiasts with their irresistible taste and satisfying texture.

With their crispy exterior and bold seasonings, Stick Jaws offer a snacking experience that is both enjoyable and addictive. Whether you're a fan of savory flavors like barbecue, cheese, or spicy chili, or prefer a hint of sweetness with options like honey mustard or cinnamon sugar, Stick Jaws have a flavor to suit every palate.

Premium Stick Jaws Toffees

Dehradun's famous Stick Jaws. Each toffee is handcrafted and wrapped individually in the traditional butter paper giving you a sinful experience and a major sugar rush.

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